Jack Straw Writers Podcast

I’m very proud of the work that I did with Jack Straw last year and this podcast wherein I speak on identity, culture, motherhood and community and share the story of my first journey to Taiwan nearly 20 years ago.

Bushwick Bookclub

In December, Jack Straw sponsored its last event of the 2016 writers in residence program. Writers were partnered with songwriters and I had a chance to work with Seattle musician Tai Shan. Tai wrote a piece based on my essay in the Jack Straw anthology and stories that I shared with her about my ancestors. We performed the piece together onstage.


Poet Laureate

Read at Poets in the Park a few weekends back and reunited with one of my oldest friends, my classmate Christopher Luna from the Jack Kerouac School. We studied together at Naropa nearly 20 years ago and worked together for the fundraising department catering fancy parties. Many of the early poems in my book Equivalence were about those strange times in Boulder. Chris looks pretty much the same as I remember him, with some grey in his beard these days. Chris is now Poet Laureate of Clark County (Vancouver, WA).


Last night at the Rose Theater with Jessika Kenney and Lori Goldston performing Bill Porter’s Remembering Them Gone.